5 Little-Known Things That Help Men Last Longer In Bed

The two things that make men more insecure than anything else in this world are: how they perform sex and the size of their penis. The duration they can last in bed is something that above average men take pride in. Good performance is obviously a measure of how much they are able to satisfy their partners in bed. Changing the size of their penis is one tough job, but how long they can last in bed is well under their control and this article discusses how that can be achieved.
Finishing quickly is not a desired trait as far as sex is concerned. One of the problems that couples deal with is that of premature ejaculation. A research revealed that around 45 percent of men all over the world climax too early, to be specific, in a matter of a couple of minutes which is almost four minutes before any woman can ideally have an orgasm, even in an average case of lasting 7.5 minutes.
This can be a major issue for couples but one need not worry as there are ways to improve stamina and make a man last longer in bed. So down below are some lesser known things that can actually help you last longer and have great sex:

Having a bigger belly

According to a study, it has been found that the bigger the belly of the man, the better in bed he turns out to be. Healthier men have been found to last longer, with an average duration of 7.5 minutes as compared to thinner men who could hardly go for even 2 minutes. This is because men with bellies have more estradiol, which works in delaying an orgasm.

Circumcision in adulthood

It has been found through a survey that men who have undergone adult circumcision tend to have delayed ejaculations and as a result, last longer in bed. Getting circumcised makes the penis less sensitive and the output is delayed orgasm.   


Pelvic floor exercises are often thought of as those meant for women with bladder problems, but they do more than that. They can help treat the problem of premature ejaculation on a long-term basis. As an experiment, some men took a course of doing these exercises and the results were astonishing. Their time of ejaculation on an average got increased by more than four times of their original duration. Make him do workouts like pilates, yoga, and kegels. They help a great deal in controlling one’s orgasmic spasms, by making the muscles strong down there.


A vegetarian diet is capable of providing more sustainable energy as it is high in dairy and fruit content. It does not lead to problems such as sugar crash. Banana, a fruit that contains potassium, aids sex hormone production and provides more energy.
Studies have proved that vegetarians have two times as much stamina as non-vegetarians do. They are even healthier in terms of workout, which obviously gives them the physical edge.

Viagra, and similar pills

Not only do viagra and enhancement pills like Invigo cure the ailment that is erectile dysfunction, but it also helps improve a man’s performance in bed. Its ingredients will help delay orgasms and last longer. Although if you are going to take the aid of medication, you might want to consider consulting a doctor first. It would help understand the exact cause and they would be knowing what is best for you. It is any way safer than taking over the counter drugs which you’re not even sure of.

Foreplay is important too

Sex is about satisfying the sensual needs and desires of your partner. It is not merely about penetration or vaginal intercourse. Indulging in foreplay can actually help both the partners reach orgasm even if the man ejaculates prematurely. Foreplay can actually help max out pleasure as well as duration.


This is a technique in which a man needs to squeeze the base of his penis seconds before ejaculating. In this manner, he can hold back and have a delayed orgasm. It has proven out to be highly effective. Be firm in your grip, though. You don’t want to end up hurting yourself. When he is about to come, have him pull out and go again and in this way you can postpone the oncoming orgasm.


Talking to your partner is one of the keys to every successful relationship. So why leave the sex talk out of your conversations? Talk to them about what they like or dislike. Find out what works best for both of you and then indulge in giving them everything they are looking for and ask them to do the same for you. The more relaxed you feel with them, the better it is for your libido.

Trying new things

Isn’t there something wildly exciting about new things? So spice up your sex life by trying new ways and positions of lovemaking. Keep the spark alive and you’ll find yourself more aroused than ever which will further help you in lasting longer. The main goal here is to keep yourself and your partner as engaged in the act as possible. Ask each other about your fantasies and make them come true. Get to know what works for you. Curious about that thing you read in the magazine? Talk to your partner and ask them how they feel about trying the same. It is sure to work wonders.

Thicker condoms

Ultra-thin, super thin, extremely thin- taglines on condom packets that attract your attention due to the fact that thinner the condom, the more you feel, are actually one of the worst ways to try having a delayed orgasm. Plus, it’s always better to practice safe sex. What can be safer than using a thick condom? Not only does it ensure safety, it makes you less sensitive and hence helps in lasting longer and prevent premature ejaculation.
Lasting longer in bed comes with practice and patience. It is not an impossible thing to do and trying the above ways are guaranteed to produce impressive results.