Condom Sizes: The Right Fit For You

Having sex is a primal thing that will happen in your life and although the history of it happening just for the reason of reproduction is a myth, most people like to have sex just for the pleasure factor.  But in doing so one thing people need to remember is to always be safe while practicing this act.
One of the best ways to have sex is to make sure that your using a condom while doing it. Condoms are one of the most commonly used safe sex methods and are very effective in preventing the spread of sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Safe Sex or Pleasure?

The use of condoms are very effective in preventing the transfer of harmful bacteria from one person to the other. But not everybody is comfortable in the usage of condoms.  Most men say that condoms ruin the pleasure that they derive from having sex and would like to not use it, while most women agree that having a condom on a man makes sex a lot better for the women, not only because they know it’s safe but because they like the feeling of the condom.
It’s not surprising that most men do not like the use of condoms, but this can be traced back to the reason that they might be using a condom that is a bigger size than their penis and thus it is a little loose on them.
Condoms are very easy to purchase and are available at every medical store and most supermarkets as well. People are encouraged to practice safe sex. Since a lot of men don't like to use condoms, condom companies have been trying to bring out a many different varieties of condoms to keep them interested like ribbed condoms, dotted, and even different flavoured ones.

Do Condoms Ruin Sexual Pleasure?

Condom ideally is thin enough and should not feel like they are ruining the sexual pleasure, but most men prefer to buy condoms that are too big for them and herein lies the problem.
When men buy condoms that are too big for them it can fit loosely on an erect penis causing the nerves on the penis to not get enough stimulation causing the men to enjoy the feeling of having a condom and it can even go as far as, to them losing their erection. It’s a very common problem that occurs all the time with men though, most men are too worried about going and buying a condom that says small (s) or even medium (m) on the covering packet.
Most me decide to buy XL (Extra Large) sized condoms, as this can be very pleasing for themselves when other people see it and especially women.  Data suggest though that only around 10% of men would ever fall into the category of having a penis that would fit into an XL sized condom. Most men average between Medium and Large.
Problems don't only occur from wearing a condom that is too big for you, but also from wearing one that might be too small for you. When the condom is too small for you, you can tend to rip the condom because of the pressure created and it would destroy the purpose of wearing a condom.

Finding Your Size

Immediately going to a shop and grabbing the first set of condoms you might find would not be an ideal way to get them. You would probably have try out a few different brands to find out which brand and condom size is the perfect fit for you. Condoms are normally sold in between the range of 4 - 7 inches. So when you buy a condom make sure it is a an inch below your measurement to make sure you get the right fit and to experience better sexual pleasure.
While trying to take you measurement keep in mind that the girth circumference is what's more important than the length of the penis. So when your penis is fully erect grab a measuring tape and wrap it around your penis to find the measurement of your girth.
Just a small not that Condom used sold in the USA according to FDA regulations have a minimum size of 47mm to 57mm at the entrance. SO men who have a penis girth that is less than 4 inches, you would experience the condom being loose.

Different Types of Condom Materials

Latex is the most common type of material used to make condoms. They can stretch up to almost 800% of its size. But with Latex condoms it is not safe to use oil-based lubricants.
Polyurethane are a different type of condom material which is probably the next most common one after latex condoms. These condoms are a lot thinner allowing for men to gain more pleasure.
Polyisoprene is another material that condoms are made from and ar used by people who are allergic to latex condoms. But these condoms are a lot softer and completely natural.
Condoms made out of Lambskin are the most common alternative condoms to use for people who are allergic to latex. These condoms aren't made from lambskin but from cecum which is a layer of membrane inside the sheep’s intestines.
Silicone condoms are a lot thicker stronger and will hold a better form than most other condoms made from different materials. These condoms are designed to stimulate you from the inside as well as the outside. These condoms are yet to hit the market but will be out very soon and with these condoms you can use any type oil based lubricant as it will help it along.

Be Extra Large

Wearing a condom that is loosely fitting for you can always feel dull and you won't gain as much pleasure. But being able to wear an XL condom would downright please not just you but your partner too. With 1000megawatts there's a guarantee that your penis will grow in at least 2 inches within the first month of use and with more use it will only get bigger. Order a bottle today and experience the change yourself and increase your confidence.