Do male enhancement pills have side effects?

Impotence is a curse to life for every man who cannot keep and maintain an erection due to inflexibility in the penile muscle. There is anecdotal evidence about the conception.

Viagra that was discovered accidentally, aimed at improving impotence or erectile dysfunction.
Way back in 1977, the FDA approved the oral application for impotence treatment using Viagra, which was designed to treat hypertension and promote cardiovascular health. However, the drug was supposed to cause a side-effect in the form of improved erections, and fostered a firm erection in incapable men, who failed to achieve a full length erection. And this way, Viagra was born to treat erectile dysfunction or male sexual dysfunction.

After Viagra was approved, a range of similar medications was also developed. And its popularity among the users is at the highest peak. Anyone who finds difficulties in sexual activity prefers using these types of pill or drug. However, some rogue manufacturers, especially the manufacturers of natural health product using botanical extracts found this to be a great opportunity to make billions. When they noticed that erectile dysfunction drugs also cause mild to severe health complications, they planned to apply all natural products that are used in a traditional sexual health treatment to enhance sexual performance by increasing the level of nitric oxide in the blood to the penis and cause an improved erectile function in men. And this is how it gave birth to male enhancement products.

Many companies rely upon touted advertisements for their products, and persuade users by promoting their brand as a ‘side-effect free natural Viagra substitute’. This is what that connects well with the users seeking help with erectile dysfunctions and performance problems.

Today, male enhancement products promise more than expected, hence they attract the attention of men at a fast rate. They use super fine captions at a superlative degree to promote their effectiveness.

Each and every male enhancement product is projected to enhance sexual performance, better sex drive, harder and firmer erection, longer stay in bed including an intense orgasm. This is the picture of every outlet or drugstore that sells male enhancement pills. But, behind your eyes, these rouge pills act reversely just as they claim, and they pose serious health risks for you. 

These male enhancement pills could range anything from the FDA approved Viagra to male enhancement supplements or drugs.

At first, just know that male enhancement pill of any form and type is outright dangerous, and simply can destroy your life.
Sometimes the use of male enhancement pill destroys the sporting life of some athletes, who use for boosting their own sexual performance or enhancing their boner. If you belong to this field, and you test positive of using such enhancement, it can lead you behind the bars or award you a life ban from the arena. Yes, this is how the harsh effects of male enhancement pill put on your life.

A professional heavyweight MMA fighter Jon Jones failed the UFC drug test in 2017, and was awarded a ban from the event last year. It was found later that the athlete used a more common form of generic boner booster known as Cialis, a form of Viagra. It turns out that he did not take any estrogen blockers; instead he took Cialis to boost his erection, and landed himself in trouble. Since, the drug contains an estrogen blocker, it tested him positive. However, it was cleared later that if all of this just because of that sex pill, his ban could be reduced. Every user must learn a lesson from this, and should stay away from any type of male enhancement pill. The example should be enough to know about these suspicious pills.

What Should You Discover About This Male Enhancement Pills?
At first, you must discover about the safety of these male enhancement pills. Many studies just suggest that there is no evidence that over-the-counter or gas station male enhancement pills work and they are too dangerous for your health. Men with sexual health issues seek help from male enhancement pills or dietary supplements. But, the ingredients used in these products were neither tested on animals, nor let alone humans. Hence, their efficacy and safety is simply unknown.

Many brands also use some counts of Viagra in these enhancement pills that appear to be unsafe and deadly for men with certain health conditions or medical history. As far as the study is concerned, very few enhancement pills can offer erectile dysfunction respite to some degree, but it does not conform to any human track report. Even those natural extracts like Maca root, horny goat weed, ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, and DHEA that claim to improve libido, and sexual functions, they fail to prove their efficacy as there are no robust scientific data. The worst thing about these natural products is that they contain PDE5 compound found in Viagra to inhibit a precursor responsible to cause impotence.

Much to your surprise, researchers found that as much as 81% male enhancement products available in the USA and Asia contain this deadly PDE5 compound.

Another report in 2017, the FDA issues a warning against the use of six different male enhancement products due to the containment of harmful compounds, whereas the makers of these products prefer not mentioning the use of various compounds on the product labels. This is just an attempt to dupe millions of users, and keep them in the dark. These six highly dangerous enhancement pills contain dangerous ingredients, including tadalafil, sildenafil and many. Even though the products are devised as an all natural product, they are rouge products with no proper regulation and testing by the FDA.

The first lie about each and every male enhancement pills designed to help with erectile dysfunction and sexual enhancement is that it starts working in 30-40 minutes. The endorsement about these products just goes to junk mails or the labels read the message in a foreign language. However, if you get little conscious about their application and effects, you can realize if they are useful or not. A comprehensive insight into how some of the most popular male enhancement pills react differently to your body and cause dangerous side-effects can help you largely.

Extenze Maximum Strength
Way back in 2013, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning against the counterfeit male enhancement pill Extenze Maximum Strength that could be impotently harmful for men with several health conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension including high cholesterol.

The FDA cleared that the fake Extenze Maximum Strength represents the original product 

Extenze, produced by California based Biotab Nutraceuticals Inc. The FDA stated on their website that original Biotab Extenze does not use sildenafil, an FDA approved compound used in Viagra for erectile dysfunctions. And Extenze is a prescription drug, whereas counterfeit 

Extenze Maximum Strength contains that harmful compound, which can interact with nitrate in blood vessels and trigger blood pressure to a danger level. Since, the drug is available easily online and anywhere in the drugstore without a prescription, it raises the health risks for men with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

At the same time, despite the FDA approving Extenze, it does cause harmful effects on health as it contains yohimbine extract that triggers sudden cardiac arrest and seizures.
After the consumption of this pill, it engorges your dick with massive amounts of blood, and it feels like super sensitive. It could give you hypertension, and keep annoying you all through the night. So, the way the product is advertised to boost your sexual performance, it just fails you with its negative reaction.
Simultaneously, the FDA has warned against using this enhancement pill.
PowerZen Triple Gold
This enhancement pill is not regulated and tested by the FDA. And in a recent time, the authority has advised their consumers to not use it since it contains all the harmful ingredients used in erectile dysfunction drug like Viagra like that of sildenafil, tadalafil and also dapoxetine. Provided dapoxetine, its effectiveness and safety has never been established.

PowerZen Triple Gold could easily interfere with your normal sexual activity when you consume it. As soon as you pop it, it tastes bitter on your mouth, and causes you gastrointestinal distress. Yes, this is true. Many studies claim that this tainted sexual enhancer can ruin your stomach health immediately after you take it. Dehydration is its biggest drawback with burning sensation in your rectum due to incessant stomach upsets. Maybe, you need a pack of electrolytes to reinstate your dehydration, and wait for the days to subside this bad day so that you can once again enjoy your normal sexual life with your partner.
The FDA has issued a warning on its websites against its use.
Man Up Now
Man UP Now, this male enhancement pill that promises to treat erectile dysfunctions, and enhance sexual performance seriously wrecks havoc on your health. The Food and Drug Administration cited a health related reason to stop its further use for an enhanced sexual performance.

This sexual enhancement herbal supplement as suggested by their makers contains sulfoaildenafil, a similar component like that of sildenafil found in Viagra.

Hence, its reactions to physical health is as similar as Viagra, that reacts dangerously with other drugs like nitrates, and triggers a dangerous lower blood pressure.

The product is outright unsafe as the users think they are taking natural products, and they don’t need any doctors’ advice.
Also, the compound found in Man Up Now is not tested and regulated as sildenafil is. As lower blood pressure can easily lead to death or injury, every user should immediately avoid it.

This natural male enhancement pill does not come with a warning, but that does not prove its safety and effectiveness for your health.

Its effects are as similar as Extenze, but they wear off quite faster than it. Within 15 minutes of consumption of Vigor-A, it is likely to cause a feeling of vomit with severe migraine attacks; you can refer this sensation as cerebral dizziness. It feels like nauseated, but the feeling will subside after some time.

Similarly, all those claims on the label of this product like heightened orgasm, firmer and stronger erection and longer sex do not happen at all.
As claimed if you take it in the evening, it will not work at all, and leave your penis frustrated with no erection and hard feeling.

Herb Viagra
As its advertising galore goes, it leaves you amazed with the superfluous level of lies about its nondescript clarification like long lasting effects for an enriched volume of sperm production and firmer boner for your masculinity.  

These are enough to get you carried away in the dream land, and compel you with daydreams about your intense sexual tryst.

Maybe, for these characterizations, the FDA has awarded it a ban from the market and issued a warning on its website for users to stop using it as it contains a generic version of Viagra- sildenafil.

It just fails you as you cannot get its effects as soon as 15 minutes as claimed by the product. It takes more than two days to start working its effects on you. Probably, you can find nothing more than being muscular for a little period.
You definitely don’t require much information on why compound like sildenafil is not good for your health if you have medical complications like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. It simply drops your blood level, and cause lower blood pressure.

Stiff Nights
As this male enhancement pill claims to give you a thunder during sex, it just fails you when you are up for having an intense sexual affair for an extended period. The FDA makes it clear every user should not use it since it contains sulfoaildenafil, an active ingredient found to treat erectile dysfunction. The chemical compound can interact roughly with nitrate, and cause lower blood pressure for men with severe medical conditions.

The ingredients used in it have not been published on the label. Therefore, you do not know what exactly goes into your body.

Sometimes, when its effects remain more than four hours, it is a matter of concern.

So far, every male enhancement pill is found to cause some sort of side-effects. And some could be even dangerous to your life too. So, be careful and use the expert’s advice before you consume it.