Do Penis Enlargement Products Work

Penis enlargement is one of the most hot and trending topic these days. Even if you have never searched for it yourself, you might have seen plenty of product advertisements on websites and even the spam folder of your mail. Ever wondered if they actually make a difference? Well, read along to find out.

Do they actually work?
In one word, simplest the answer to that question would have to be: not really. Researchers and scientists have concluded and presented us with the real fact: Till date there hasn’t been invented a cream, pill or a similar product that can change the size of a penis. Basically, there are actually no enlargement products that can get the job done as they might claim in their advertisements. The procedures that do seem to have some effect ultimately end up leaving problematic side effects which only make things worse in the long run.

Why do they not work?
In order to be able to understand why it is that these products are no good, you first need to understand the changes that happen inside your body when you get an erection. As you get a hard on, the spongy erectile tissue present in your penis gets filled with blood, which is responsible for determining the size of your erection. These tissues can not be easily altered.
They are fixated to your pelvic bone and hence can not be manipulated easily. They happen to be fixed to the place and for most men out there, the length that they grow during puberty ends up becoming their maximum length. 
What the enlargement pills do is that they increase the blood flow which can ultimately make you hard quicker than usual, but not make things bigger in size. 

Do male enhancement pills work?
Many websites and products claim that the consumers can get bigger down there by endorsing their products. They claim to be capable of increasing the length and girth of the penis over a short duration of time. Most of such products list their ingredients as L-arginine, which boosts the protein making capability of the body and maca. But when it comes to effectiveness, none of these products ever really show said results. When you hear a deal that sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. 
What about natural enhancers?
The next big things when it comes to male enhancement are assistants like penis extenders or exercises that seem to feel safer and more natural. A study performed in 2015 showed that a device called Andro Penis was able to add around half an inch in size to the penis. Scientists, however, advice against things like this, saying that they are not worth the risk. These devices need to be worn for long durations on the most sensitive part of your body. The researches that have been performed to check their effectiveness do not seem informative enough for one to be sure. There is a workout called jelqing, which is quite similar to milking your penis. It involves grabbing the penis by the base using the thumb and the index finger and sliding the hand in an up and down motion along the shaft for around 20 minutes. Does it actually work? Well, again, not really. Any growth that might be observed would simply be that of a flaccid penis going into a semi erect state. 

Can you do something to change your size?
To be quite honest, the answer would have to be a negative. Although, in terms of size you might actually be just fine, or atleast average. Surgeons who have been working in this area for quite some time have observed that the majority of men that come to them seeking an enlargement are actually average sized. The problem, they suggest, lies in the fact that men do not really have a realistic idea of what the normal size is like, which makes them believe that they are not normal, even when they are average sized. Perspective also plays a major role in the perception of guys regarding their size. Looking down at your own penis from up above isn’t exactly the angle needed in order to be able to measure your size. For the sake of clarity, the average size of an erect penis happens to be 5.6 inches. Very few guys are actually smaller than that. In such rare cases, due to genetics and hormonal problems a condition called micropenis is caused, in which the guy has an erect penis with size less than 3 inches. At times, diseases like prostate cancer or Peyronie’s disease can cause a reduction in the size of the patient’s penis. 
If your size is a concern to you, you can try shedding off some weight. The pubic fat that is present down there can partially bury the penis, making it appear smaller than it actually is. In such cases, weight loss can actually help you uncover as much as a few inches. 
If you are facing a problem getting hard, you might want to see a doctor about it. There actually happens to be a connection between the erectile functioning and the cardiovascular system. So do not hesitate to visit a doctor if you ever experience such problems. 
If you observe any kind of a change in the angle of your erections, making it seem bent, you would want to visit a urologist with a specialization in sexual medication. Things can be made alright by a vacuum device or a penile traction device which helps in stretching the contracted scarred tissues back to the way they are supposed to be. The healthy tissues remain as they are. 
You also want to steer clear of any drastical surgical procedures in the hunt of a longer penis. Some procedures involve addition of silicone around the penis to add length and girth but have side effects that cause problems in the long run. The added material can end up decreasing sensation or migrating and destroying the surrounding tissues. These can actually have a very negative impact on the patients, sexually. 
After all, bigger is not always better. Period.