Like many men, don’t you harbor the desire to last longer in bed with your partner? Well, much to your surprise, projecting to make your sex duration longer may flummox your girl. Why? This is because women’s orgasm is fickle and they may not like much foreplay as you would love to. And as a result, driven by their self-consciousness, they tend to go without orgasms or fake it. Much to your dismay, next time, she even refuses to have a sex with you.
Well, do not nag too much with duration, better be stuck to give her the climax as little as 15 minutes.  Master the art of turning yourself into a sex expert so as to give her that much-needed explosion, making her gasp more for air even after two hours. Researchers at the Kinsey Institute in the US are of the opinion that women reach their orgasm level after 10-20 minutes of sex. While another study by the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy highlighted that women with an intense likelihood of orgasms wanted to go extra miles before reaching the climax.
However, the techniques are not anything related to a scientific thesis that drives you crazy, instead, they are short and simple methods to satisfy your woman within 15 minutes.
Invest at least three minutes of your total 15 in kissing
Invest a good time to master the tricks of subconscious foreplay to go wild with your lady. Though it sounds a bit creepy, nothing counts as pleasurable as touching her. Spend some good time with her at the cafeteria or join her in her session at the yoga class. These little steps draw you towards your biggest goals slowly and draw her closer to you and arouse her by stimulating her pelvic nerves. Now, when she is aroused with a core-gasm, do not miss a chance to invite her for a drink at your apartment. This trick will definitely work. Researchers at the University of Florence studied that women are twice as likely to be aroused with one or more glasses of red wine. So, when you are done, it is time to open the lid.

Oh!-minus 15 minutes
Mouth to Mouth
Out of 15 minutes, invest three minutes in a long and passionate kissing. By alleviating the stress hormone, kissing accelerates both of you to turn on. The postures of kissing like tilting to the right side while giving your lip jobs to your partner stand for some good signs. Scientists in Germany believe that they are more likely to make you more careful towards her and enrich you with oxytocin to make you feel more connected and let you come closer.
However, the author of The Art of Kissing, William Kane, suggested to not to limit yourself only to kissing her on the mouth, instead give her pecks on her neck. As per the study, women really appreciate the peck on their neck as a warm-up. Well, never you dare to overdo it as it can be frustrating for her. Switch between her necks and lips occasionally so as to avoid any desensitization of the neck. In between, do not forget you are left with only 160 seconds to accomplish your task to bring her closer to you. So when you are busy giving her lip services, try to undress her each clothing material one by one. And in the course, if you are able to reduce her self-consciousness, she is more likely to hand herself to you. Research by Cincinnati University reveals that women take no time to get cozy with their partners when they feel good being naked. So, waste no more time and appreciate each part of her body while undressing her. And now, she is in your arms.  

Oh!-minus 12 minutes
Tease Maid
Remember, women love a lot of hand jobs when it comes to stimulation. However, be patient. Don’t jump over to take her underwear off and go for a direct stimulation. First of all, create a sensation. Just stroke or caress her vulva over the material of her undergarment. Slowly try to build a dramatic period of sensation on her to prevent her from having an orgasm sooner. Now, remove her underwear and use strawberry scented lubricant to make her feel more excited.  As per the research, strawberries are believed to charge sense organs, so they work like a magic.
Since women love to be aroused by the touches in their various layers of the vagina, caress her vagina, G-spot, PS spot and clitoris in a slow and circular motion. So, use your hand to the fullest potential and give the perfect stroke to excite her.

Oh!-minus 10 minutes
Cunnilingus or oral sex is what that is treasured by almost every woman as it can instantly raise women’s orgasms. According to Lou Paget, the author of The Big O, Kiving technique is one of the best ways to get her the climax.
Don’t know how to do it? Just right above the clitoris, lick her clitoral hood across it. Insert your finger of the other hand below the opening of her vagina to give her pre-orgasmic contraction.

Oh!-minus 7 minutes
Entrance Exam
“Orgasms are an intense feeling related to the intercourse, rather than being a part of the lengthy foreplay”, as opined by the Journal of Sexual Sciences. Another study states the average orgasm last for seven minutes for women after the penetration.
Now it is clear that without wasting much on the foreplay, it is time to act just at the right moment. However, what sex position could be the best for her?
A coital position could be an effective position rather than a deep and thrusting alignment. Use the technique of classic missionary and enter her resting your penis in her clitoris. Slide forward and backward allowing your feet to rest on the bed foot. Give her a great massage with your penis while enjoying a deep pulsating yet controllable sensation.
Use another technique of sensory overload. In this position, you remain at her back and far from reaching her clitoris to give her an instant orgasm. Instead, you can use a sex toy to give her some stimulation until she calls for a direct penetration.

Oh!-minus 1 minute
Keep Up the Good Work
Now, she is on the verge of the climax and you see your girl grasping the sheets in thrust. Right at this moment, never ever try to implement any new techniques as this can ruin all your hard work and bring the momentum back to its starting point. So, avoid any distraction through enforcing any new trick before you reach the climax. Keep up your good work and enjoy a great and excited orgasm in just 15 minutes.