How to Find Her G-spot

You tried hard to give her that love she has always looked for, but never succeeded to. It is like learning those most essential tricks of love making you want to do to her so that you keep her coming back to you for more.

It has been never a mystery whenever it comes to giving your girl a sexual pleasure. The clitoris stimulation has been considered only trigger for the female orgasms for years. Still, many men find themselves in the back seat while looking for their women’s clit, and giving them stimulation for a heightened sexual pleasure.  The whole thing involving female sexual anatomy became more complicated and even more mysterious ever since another sexual stimulation spot in women’s vagina was discovered.  This is another intimidating experience for men as they find it as a daunting task while trying to get off their girls.

In the year 1980, sexologists had popularized this vaginal region by naming it ‘G-Spot’. An intense kind of powerful female orgasms is very much dependent on this area rather than the clitoris. In addition, some women love the G-spot stimulation as it produces a strong female ejaculation; generally you know it as ‘squirting.’

Therefore, these two specific reasons contribute to a dozen of questions in minds of guys as how they can give their girls an ultimate sexual pleasure by finding a G-spot.
Finding this mystery spot could be a tough job for many men as not every woman is built with 

G-spot inside their vaginal canal based on some anatomical evidences. However, some anecdotal evidences do hold some promises for women by validating that every woman must have some secret spot inside their vagina that can give women an intense feeling of orgasms when stimulated.  

Although many women do not have any idea about the presence of their elusive G-spot, as many as 1800 women participating in a survey carried out by the British researchers confessed of possessing this.  This is not as encouraging for males as they cannot find this hidden treasure with their fingers. If you do not have anything conclusive about it, better take it as sex spot or fetish to stimulate for sexual orgasms. Your girl will definitely love it, if you really find it and master the skills to give her the pleasure she has hunted for long.

Identify G-Spot
Do you have any idea how does male prostate look like? The female G-spot is as same as that masculine feature with a bean-shaped appearance made of soft tissues of paraurethral gland. It does not span widely, and it feels rougher as compared to its surrounding surfaces. Thousands of erectile tissues go into building this vaginal and secretive spot, which gets turned on when the blood reaches its canal. It is located inside the front vaginal wall, and distancing itself from the vaginal opening.

Now, when you get that essential know-how about the female G-spot, it is time to master the skills to give her that ultimate sensation of orgasms.

Warm Up Session
Foreplay is paramount to any sexual act, especially for the stimulation of G-spot. In addition, G-spot being a very sensitive and delicate region of female vaginal anatomy, you must follow the basic cleanliness rules as the whole work involves the engagement of your fingers.
Don’t go down south immediately. Instead, give attention to arouse her feelings by touching and caressing her non-genital areas like her breasts, shoulders, lips, and butt. The act will help you raise her sexual tensions in her pelvic muscles. Simultaneously, if she is aroused, her G-spot is supposed to be aroused too due to the blood flow to this region. This will be easier for you to find her G-spot quite easily. For a better result, you can use lubricant, even if she is wet from foreplay.

Spot Her G-Spot
As there are not enough evidences if every woman does possess this treasure, it is even harder when it comes to finding your partner’s G-spot.
As you know it is about two inches from the vaginal wall, go at it. Lay your partner on her back and have your finger inside her vagina. Remember, the top side inside the vagina is the spot you need to stimulate with a curling finger. If it refuses you a better access, you can ask her to bend her knees close to her chest so as to get a better visual access to her G-spot. It will ease your entire movements of finger to stimulate her.

G-Spot Stimulation
By now, you know where that hidden treasure spot is. Don’t put your finger vigorously inside her vagina so that it can cause her too much pain. Instead, try to do it slowly and softly.
If she is comfortable with the constant movement of your finger, you can use the curling motion to up the sexual tensions. While looking for her ribbed or textured surface little too inside, when you are closer to the top of her vagina, it is time to stroke the spot. Use the different motion of speeds and pressure to heighten the tensions. While doing this, keep watching her responses to a specific movement. Moving your fingers in tandem to her sexual responses is indeed important to know her preferences.
Sometimes, it may turn out that she does not enjoy the stimulation to her vagina. If her response is not quite fruitful, better leave it.

Take The Pleasure To The Next Level
So, when you are close to her G-spot and your partner is enthralled by it, press her belly softly with your free hand. It facilitates the stimulation of G-spot even more.
When you are sure she is aroused and ready to be off, have her taking a doggy-styled position so that you can stimulate her G-spot better. Don’t act with your finger now. It is time for your penis to get to the work of G-spot stimulation. Ask her to raise her hips so that you can easily reach her vaginal wall without hurting her.
These useful tricks are easier to follow though, yet they need more attention and skills to master it. When you really pay attention to this, you can reach your destination.