What is Edging

Edging does pertain to sexual sense, which refers to delaying the climax for a prolonged period to have an intense orgasm. With this technique, it is possible to delay your orgasms for multiple times during sex with your partner. Hence, this way you last longer in bed with your partner and make that sexual affair count for many days.

As the saying goes, “good things await the right moment and it pays off for those who wait.” It applies to the orgasms aptly. When you wait for it to prolong it, it gives you a more intense orgasm.

You can make edging an easy task by practicing masturbation on a regular basis. But, how? Get yourself to the point of orgasms, then stop and work your way up to the starting point all over again. It is not meant for any particular sex, but both of you can maximize the benefits of edging. Do it with your partner or practice it with masturbation.
For men, this technique is effective to cure the problems of premature ejaculation, and as a result, it can help them delay the orgasms at the same time.
So, when you keep doing this until you come to the point of orgasm, it prolongs your time in the bed.

When it comes to sex for women, they find it difficult to get off with their partners despite the foreplay being in place. In such case, edging has the power to facilitate the process of intense climaxing.

However, an apt knowledge is the key to help them to reach their orgasms through the edging. As per the study, 65.5% women are likely to benefit from the technique of edging, which advocates for more intense and longer orgasms. So, when both of you are concentrated to savor the taste of success, it is essential you do it carefully and in a more organized way.
It is crucial that you learn it how to come off using the techniques of edging so that you can climax intensely. Let’s learn the process.

Ways To Edge To Please Yourself For More Intense Orgasms
There is a saying, “practice makes perfect”. And no technique is better than masturbation. It is the sole process, which helps both the sexes to accomplish their goals. The process works for everyone, and it fails to work unless you practice it. Since, masturbation is the right strategy; it can help you experiment with different techniques.
Focusing On Start-Stop Technique
Begin your masturbation process with the stop-start method. Generally it should take breaks in between the masturbation sessions. So, start to get aroused and feel ecstatic about it. Take a break while nearing the climax. Pause for a second and start getting aroused all over again to the point of orgasms. Make sure to not prolong the break too much so that it could destroy your mood and compel you to do something else. So, keep doing this in between your breaks until the point of no return. Finally, when you are satisfied with the edging technique, you can now decide to go off.  The more you practice the techniques of masturbation, more intense is the ecstasy of orgasms.
Performing Kegels
Working your pelvic floor muscles out is one of the best ways to build a good rhythm for controlling over your orgasms. And nothing can beat the goodness of Kegels when it comes to getting a good grip on your PC muscles. The exercise is likely to benefit both the genders irrespective of their physical makeup.

It is as easy as controlling your urine. Yes, the pubococcygeus muscles that contract during urination is responsible for fostering kegels. So, the next time when you are peeing, make sure to stop the outflow. The moment you do it, you end up doing kegels. The flexibility in the execution of the process is its plus, so that you do not need any specific location or time to follow the process of kegels. No matter where you are, it just pays off when you are determined to do it, be it a bus stop or in your office meeting. By strengthening your PC muscles, it enables you to perform an internal squeeze during a solo sex act, and this would help you get a greater level of control over your orgasms and ejaculation too.
Pay Attention To The Slow Breathing Process
During sex, it is normal to breathe quickly; it increases the heartbeat rate, making you aroused steadily. As a result, you are entitled to climaxing so quickly. In order to avoid this situation, you can try to take a slow and intentional breathing. This would help in reducing the arousal and sexual tensions in your pelvic floor and you can focus more on the other nitty-gritty of the whole sexual affair. A deep and slow breathing helps you reduce the level of arousal and help you avoid ejaculation too. So, next time when you find yourself too much excited and aroused, you must focus on the breathing exercises.  This time the centre of attention should be your stomach. Make sure to take a deep and slow breath from your stomach and do six counts of inhales and exhales. It would definitely help you achieve the result you are looking for.
Try Helping Your Girl Get Off First
For men, it is ideal to help their women to get off at first. This is another good way to prolong your ejaculation and have more intense orgasms all at the same time. Put all the right effort right from making her aroused to helping her climax.
If you do the chore properly, it rewards you later when your turn comes. Your lady is all eager to return that favor to you. Make sure to put emphasis on what she likes; what touches feel good to her so that your entire moves could please her sexually. And when your turn comes, follow the techniques of edging. It makes your sexual tryst as long as possible.
Edging is an art and it needs dexterity to accomplish it beautifully. The process of masturbation is a key to getting to the bottom of it. Once you really have control over it, you can enjoy a longer and intense sex with your partner.