What Male Enhancement Pills Work Immediately

The dreaded experiences of falling flat in the bedroom are a dampener, and you fail to recover from it soon. In most cases, going flat or having no hard phallus at all may be a reason that points to male impotence or erectile dysfunctions. According to studies, almost every man in their life is likely to suffer from performance anxiety due to erectile dysfunctions at some point of time. Nearly all men aging between 40 and 70 are at a higher risk of erectile dysfunctions.

Erectile dysfunctions are a sexual condition that prevents one from achieving and maintaining an erection and keeping it hard for a fruitful penetrative sex with their partners. Simultaneously, erectile dysfunction is combined with premature ejaculation too, that makes your intercourse or sexual session a disgraceful experience.

Unless your conditions are due to underlying medical history or chronic health conditions, you can use male enhancement pills. Although no male enhancement pills have ever worked to help you achieve a longer erection and thus intense orgasms, they are highly touted to act this way and they promise to work instantly after an administration.

Except prescription pills, no male enhancement pills can work faster after the consumption. From male enhancement pills to enhancement drugs, we will discover which male enhancement pills work faster according to the claims of the manufacturers.

Male Extra
Male Extra is a popular over-the-counter male enhancement drug that does not call for any prescription for purchase.
Alike every male enhancement pill, it helps with your erection by facilitating the blood flow to the major parts of the body including your penis.
Although it triggers a harder and firmer erection, its results are not permanent and scientific research intensive. The pills do not offer an immediate result. It is crucial to take at least three pills together to get its effective results. All doses of the pills should be supplemented well with meals. If you miss one, the action may differ and may not offer the results you want.
In addition, the results do not appear to be effective immediately. You need to take at least six packs to see the results to work for you as it takes time to get used to your system and trigger a fruitful action. Upon dissatisfaction of the results, you can return the product.

As per the product claims, you can have longer and harder erection, enhanced sex drive and enhanced sexual performance. It helps last longer in the bed too.
The brand name suggests increasing your penis size. However, no pills have ever done that wonders in the history of male enhancements.
It actually makes the penis look bigger and firmer after the consumption of the pills. But, the effect of the pills is bound to ebb down once the action of the compounds wears off from the system.
To see its results, you need to take each pill every day. But, as per your sexual demands, you can take one hour before sex. Its effects last for at least four- six hours.
Max Performer
This male enhancement pill promises to increase your size for a longer lasting impression. As per the product claim, whether you have the clinical case of ED or not, you can use it to boost your stamina, promote your sexual performance, and increase your size by making it longer and firmer for more intense orgasms.
You can take Max Performer daily and consume two capsules every day with water. You can take it at any time of the day, but maintaining consistency is a key to optimizing its benefits. It contains sixty pills, which lasts for as long as a month.
It effects remain for 4 hours, and it is unable to cause you arousal and erection immediately.

VigRX Plus
It is a product which works best to improve your erectile dysfunction, libido, your erection quality and helps achieve a longer lasting erection for enhanced sexual desire. Not only does it increase your size, it aims at giving you more powerful orgasms, and enabling you to last as long as you want.

The product claims to increase the size of your penis by dilating the chamber of your penis permanently. But, according to Mayo Clinic neither pills nor surgery can make your penis look bigger and longer. If it appears to be so, it is sensitive to the intensity of the pill within a certain time frame. And to achieve the same effects, you need to consume the pills again.
The product’s official website encourages buying a pack of six months to find its effective results. So, for long term effects of this product, you need to make it a point to take it on a daily basis. Within a day or two, you can see its effects. It does not offer an immediate result too.

Prosolution Plus
This is a sexual health supplement for men to address your sexual dysfunctions like involuntary ejaculation. As per the claims of the product manufacturer, the product is equipped to improving your premature ejaculation by 64%, erectile dysfunction by 67% and sexual boost by 78%.
It gives you a control over your ejaculation and increases the production of nitric oxide in the blood circulation so that you can achieve an enhanced erection for a longer lasting time. Two tablets should be taken with water every day for at least two months. Otherwise, you cannot experience its benefits that help you achieve a greater level of stamina and control over your ejaculation.

Be remembered, the results are not instantaneous, and you need to wait for at least a month for some improvements.

The results improve with a due course of consumption over a period of two months. So, it is essential to make a habit to take this pill to boost your sexual function. Once you leave it, you are no longer entitled to achieving its benefits.

Now, let’s talk about the prescription male enhancement pill Viagra.

This blue pill is actually a PDE5 inhibitor, responsible to restrict the blood flow to the penis and an erection. It is widely prescribed to patients with erectile dysfunction worldwide to improve their premature ejaculation, and help with erectile dysfunctions.

Viagra works its way up to dilate your blood vessel to bring more nitric oxide enriched blood to the penis, and triggers an erection. Keep it in mind that this blue pill does not perform unless you are sexually aroused.
It is recommended to take this pill an hour before sex. And in the next one hour, you can notice its effects in your system. It improves your erection and helps achieve a successful penetrative sex for intense and powerful orgasms.

The effects of Viagra last for four hours, and its effects are wearing off in the next few hours.
If you have a clinical case of ED, you can check with your doctor, and he may prescribe you 

So, far it is found that neither prescription pills or over-the-counter male enhancement pills or supplements work immediately to help you achieve an erection. But, in the recent times, there have been some advances in the male enhancement domains to help you with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation instantly. Just have a look at them.

Gel To Trigger Erection
A recent study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reported that a new developed gel can help with erectile dysfunctions and help achieve a successful erection immediately. As soon as the gel is administered onto the penis tip, it gets to work and gives you a much needed sexual boost to get aroused.

The study took 232 men for the trail, divided into two sections, taking place over four weeks. 
The first group used a gel namely Med2005 with 0.2% of concentration of nitroglycerine or glyceryl trinitrate on their penises right before the sex, while another group opted for a placebo gel.
It was suggested to use a pea sized amount of gel onto the head of the penis right before the sex for every trial.

Based on various parameters like the hardness of the penis, the erection qualities, sexual performances and its satisfaction level, every 1 out of 4 reported an improved sexual experience after the use of this gel. On the other hand, only 14 percent of the participants complained of no improvement in their erection size and sexual performance using placebo gel.

The trial has us going surprised in terms of its effectiveness in the context of certain time frame. In comparison to many male enhancement pills and supplements, the nitroglycerine gel gets tp work in less than 10 minutes, meaning it offers a faster action with a greater level of efficacy.
According to 70 percent of men, the effects of erection start within 10 minutes, while the rest confirmed erection within five minutes.

This data is enough to decide if the new gel technology works faster than placebo gel or not faster in terms of triggering an erection. Of course, the former one works better.

And if we see the results in compliance with oral erectile dysfunction drug, the new gel also proves to be effective to foster an erection and trigger a sexual urge instantly. Say, when you take Viagra or Cialis, it takes more than an hour to starts its effects and facilitates an erection.

According to the International Business Times, as soon as the applications of the product on the penis tip, it triggers an erection within 5 minutes, while 70 percent of males reported to get an erection in 10 minutes. This is another study that was conducted by researchers at the University College Hospital in London. As per the study, this gel works 12 times faster than 
prescription drug Viagra.

The reason may be its application, which needs to be applied topically on the surface. Hence, its action is faster to increase the nitric oxide in the blood and thus helping dilate the blood vessel of the penis to trigger an erection instantly.

This is the first time that the active ingredient nitroglycerine known for its wide use in the explosives has been taken into consideration for medical purposes like that of ED. Rather than this, it cures heart complications to some degree.

Now, comes in the list that acts faster than any oral erectile dysfunction drug like Viagra or Cialis is the BlueChew. These chewable tablets contain the key ingredients found in sildenafil citrate that gets the blood flowing down there so as to help aid an erection and help achieve a pleasurable sexual intercourse.

Surprisingly, these forms of Viagra pills really work faster and last longer for patients with erectile dysfunctions.

The key compounds get dissolved faster than pills in the system, and its efficacy works two times faster than general erectile dysfunction drugs. As soon as the chewable tablet gets dissolved, its action gets working within 20-30 minutes. And its effects last for four to six hours. 

Another chewable pill with tadalafil components gets working in 20 minutes, and it lasts between 24 and 36 hours.

However, both these two newly discovered catalysts are specific to more testing to be available commercially by the next year in the market.

Till then your reliance on the over-the-counter male enhancement pills is quite justified. But, their effectiveness is sensitive to changes according to your physical built and medical history if any.

Hence, no such pills are equipped to give you all round benefits to get a boost for libido, stamina, an increase in sexual performance, longer and bigger erection permanently. The effects of any pills or drugs, and supplements remain effective only for a period as long as you are taking them. In addition, these pills are not scientifically backed to provide you the claimed benefits. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has suggested everyone to not use these illicit and tainted pills as many of the male enhancement pills are found to have compounds used in prescription drug like Viagra, cialis, levitra and others.

Simultaneously, every pill and supplement is subject to be effective only after it gets used to the system, which is a time consuming matter.  So, accept the fact that you can find no supplements or pills that work immediately. Any forms of male enhancement pills need at least 30-40 minutes to cause its effects, and that too is possible with prescription erectile dysfunction pills only, equipped to address sexual dysfunctions in men and improving male enhancements.

Now, it is time to get smart and find solutions for underlying medical complications so that you can make improvements to your sexual dysfunctions and improve your sexual performances.