Will a Bigger Penis Make You a Better Lover?

One thing that crosses every man’s mind at least once in his lifetime is whether or not he is as good at having sex as he thinks he is.
If you have had similar thoughts or insecurities then you need not worry because you are not alone. From magazines to blogs to shows on TV, we constantly get to see women complaining about their sexual needs not being met by their partners and it makes one question their performance in their own relationship.

Hearing women complain in this manner is confusing to men because women definitely seem to have a great time while having sex in porn. How is it then that in pornography they seem to have the time of their lives while in reality, it is tough to please women as much?

Porn has made people believe all sorts of things. For instance, women can be turned on by simply grabbing their tits or asses, that they love getting seduced by strangers and that they enjoy swallowing. Most of these things turn out to be nonsense in reality, although there is one thing that does happen to be true- the fact that women like long penises.

They seem to have a more sensual and loud intercourse with men who have big cocks. This fact is backed up by the kind of sex toys they opt for- from vibrators to dildos, all of them are generously sized and promise great pleasure. And you can not blame them.

A better sex life means a better bonding with your partner, which will not only make sex more enjoyable but will also improve your communication and make you feel closer to one another. When you are able to give your partner things the way they want it, it makes them want to stay with you and never think of cheating on you or leaving you for someone else because you would be fulfilling all their heart’s desires.

Having a huge penis is like being gifted. Naturally and genetically only 1 out of 20 men happens to have a penis longer than 6.5 inches. At 6.5 inches, a man already has a larger penis than 95% of the world’s population. And it’s not just the length that matters. Ideally, the vaginal opening is 4 inches in depth. So even an average sized penis can penetrate that far. It is the girth of the penis that also helps make the experience better. Worldwide, the median penis size is 5.5 inches. 

Penises that ought to actually be considered large, i.e. 7.5 inches or above, constitute only 2.5% of the world’s male population. With such scarcity of endowed men and porn giving them high expectations of sexual gratification, it is no wonder why women get aroused at the thought of a man with a giant penis.  

So, does having a bigger member make you better in bed?
Well, science says yes to that. Apart from things like excitement anticipation and visual simulation that turn women on, bigger penises are capable of meeting their private parts in better, unimaginable ways which are sure to drive her insane. Deeper penetration can be more pleasurable for a woman and ensure that she reaches her orgasm.
One of the reasons for the scarcity of men with big dicks is that the women they are involved with are on top of the world and unwilling to let them go.
Women from around the world have been asked to share how they feel about the size and whether it matters. Here is what they had to say: “The bigger the better”, said one woman who claimed it was not just about the physical pleasure, but also about the visual erotic appeal it had. Another woman, who was in no mood to spare any feelings went on to say a small penis is a disappointment. Her and many other women happen to be firm believers in the fact that size does, after all, matter. A small penis will not be capable of satisfying a woman in a way that a bigger one can.
To have a better sex life, you need to give your partner things that she hasn’t experienced yet. Things she desires and fantasizes about, yet never talks about. You need to see through the crevices and give her what she wants.
Having a bigger penis would definitely put you on the map as far as the dating scenario is concerned.

How to increase your size?
Of course, you can have this gift too! There are a number of pills and supplements in the market, which are primarily meant for helping you achieve your desired size.
Invigo is one such product which can help you grow it in a mere time of weeks and can be taken in a daily dosage just as you would take multivitamins.
Invigo has proven results of penis enlargement which make it the best of its kind. Within a few weeks itself you get to see the results yourself. This is bound to give your confidence a boost and make you instantly better in bed.
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Some other remedies you could try are:

Shedding off weight
It could actually make your penis look proportionate with respect to your body. Losing belly fat is one good way to achieve this.

Shaving down there
Getting rid of your pubic hair would bring out the hidden length that usually gets obstructed by the bush-iness down there. It not only makes you look bigger but also well groomed and more desirable.

Your penis too needs to work out. Try doing kegel exercises which are going to cause your pubococcygeus muscles to flex and as a result get rid of all sorts of problems ranging from erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation. They also help the penis in staying hard for a longer time.
Try it and see the results for yourself. Get that spark back and set the bedroom ablaze.What are you waiting for!